Welcome to Lockdown Trader

What is this?

Thank you for finding me, well of course you could just play the game but for those that like to know what's coming, read on...

The date is early March and everything was rosey you travelled to work doing your 9-5 job, you when out for meals, visited the cinema, met up with friends. All of that is about to change with COVID-19!

The game will hopefully serve as a game of choices and also a historical account of the pandemic, you will soon find yourself trying to help your neighbourhood and others, whilst maintaining enough money to pay your own bills.

Sounds simple enough, but when restrictions hit life isn't as easy as it once was, avoiding catching COVID-19 is down to you, will you carry on regardless, potentially spreading it around your neighbourhood in the quest to earn more money, or will you choose to be rewarded in different ways and become the savour of your community the choice is yours.

I would like to develop this game into a family friendly format that follows the events of 2020 and beyond.

My aim is to provide a fun, challenging and strategic game whilst maintaining a historic reference for the COVID pandemic - because hopefully one day we would have forgotten about it all.

Current Stage of development

This game is developed in Godot 3 and is my first game from scratch.

Lockdown Trader is in its first stage of development whilst it is playable there are many features to come such as: